2 or 3 Bedroom Garden & Penthouse Apartments Project in Nort

Новый проект недвижимости на острове Северный Кипр расположен прямо у Средиземного моря. Апартаменты расположены очень близко к песчаному пляжу Северного Кипра. Вода теплая, нетронутая и кристально чистая, чтобы вы в нее влюбились.
  • Открытый бассейн
  • Крытый бассейн с подогревом 
  • Турецкая баня 
  • Сауна  Фитнес-центр 
  • Ресторан 
  •  Бар и кафе 
  • Бильярд 
  •  Благоустроенный сад 
  • Закрытая запись 
  •  Легкий доступ к пляжу 
  •  Первый этаж с садом 
  •  Верхний этаж с солярием 
  •  Резиденция окружена зелеными зонами 
  •  Тренажерный зал 
  • Возле полей для гольфа 
  •  Очень близко к пляжам          

 The property is also very close only a few steps to the amenities such as restaurants, pharmacies, shopping centres etc. In-site complex you will find two very qualified restaurants which you can benefit of it 24 hours. Cyprus has its own sea food cuisine; which everyone should taste and experience. The apartments are also very close to supermarkets where you can obtain your daily grocery needs without the need of your car. Purchase one of these qualified apartments and enjoy the warm climate of Cyprus not only in summer also in winter time. Since it is very close to the town centre you can live in your exclusive apartments all year long without feeling lonely and bored. Inside the Sea magic complex you will be able to use all facilities that is being offered by the complex. Such as a big communal outdoor swimming pool and four other swimming pools are included in the project of the complex.

The unique apartments of Mediterranean have two different sizes to choose: you can either choose 2 bedroom garden & penthouse apartments with 75 m2 or three bedrooms garden & penthouse apartments with 105 m2. And in addition to this each of the apartments will have their own private garden or solarium terrace. The total area of the solarium terraces will start from 15m2 up to 72m2 for the penthouse apartments. Invest your money on a property with beautiful sea view, pool and beach something that’s value all your life. Don’t hesitate anymore and make up your decision and contact us immediately. It’s the offer of your lifetime.


If you want to know more about Garden & Penthouse Apartments with sea view for sale in North Cyprus, any other Apartments ,Villas for sale in North Cyprus, do not hesitate to contact us. Our agents will contact you within 24 hours.







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Ссылка №: # 3995
Тип Квартиры
Статус Новое строительство
Дата завершения 2018
Город Cyprus
Территория North Cyprus
Планы (2+1)(3+1)
Номера 2 - 3
спальни 2 - 3
Размеры 75 - 105m²
цена € 129.950 - 189.950
Курсы валют
Расстояние до пляжа - 500 meters
Расстояние до города - 2 km

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